This is our birdseed base mix with only the highest of quality ingredients used.
There are no artificial colourings so the visual golden colour is developed from a blend of natural milk food & seed items.

The Boilie is available in round 12mm, 15mm & 18mm fresh as well as 12mm, 15mm 18mm & 10-15mm barrels in shelf-life, which comes in 1 kilo(e) resealable bags.

Powder values
Soya, Semolina, CLO, Milk protein, Whey protein concentrate Whey gel, Supergold 60, Maise flour, Wheat germ, Nectarblend, Wheat gluten, Rasberry sweetener, yeast, vitamin pack.
Liquid values
Our in house blend of fruit flavours to create a bubblegum blend, Multimino, hemp oil & high intense sweetener.
Store baits out of direct sunlight in cool dry conditions.

Bubblegum Boilie – 1 kg ...


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